Three people accused of stealing items left by passengers on airplanes


After passengers get off a flight, it's Charlcie Sanders and her coworkers' job to clean the planes, and they say, people leave lots of things behind.

"I've found a Kindle, an iPad, an iPhone 4, I found money. I turn it all in," Sanders said.

But Houston police say some of their coworkers did not. Terica Joyce, Shairma Francis, and Bobby Deckard have all been charged with theft. Police say they stole money from items left behind on airplanes.

Acting on a tip that some passengers haven't been able to recover valuables accidentally left on united planes, the HPD Airport Tactical Unit carried out a sting Thursday night at Houston Intercontinental Airport. They left money behind on a plane and allegedly the trio didn't turn in the money, after they cleaned the plane.

"Whenever you hire people, you never know exactly what is the character of the person. You hope you're getting good character but you never really know," traveler Janeth Harrison said.

Police say the three suspects worked for G-2 Secure Staff, a company that contracts out cleaning crews to several airports around the country. The company issued the following statement, which read in part:

"We take these matters very seriously and are cooperating with police to thoroughly investigate the incident," said Tom Del Valle, president of G2 Secure Staff. "G2 Secure Staff is committed to operating with high ethical standards and adherence to the company's strict integrity policy is required as a condition of employment. Violations are not tolerated."

G-2 employees also tell us everyone goes through a background check and this is not what they expected.

"Do you find stuff all the time?" we asked one employee.

"Yea, but we turn it in. I'm scared to go to jail, I turn everything in, I ain't going to jail for nobody," she said.

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