Runoff election to determine Montgomery County's new county judge


Judge Alan Sadler's been in office for 24 years, six consecutive terms, so whoever wins the office will be a change. The question remains, however, what kind of change will the new judge bring.

Traffic, water and public safety are all big concerns for whoever leads Montgomery County. And after a primary that put Mark Bosma and Craig Doyal into a runoff, it's those issues and an approach to government that'll have voters putting one of them into office.

"Well, there's a lot of good conservatives out there in the county, and a lot of them have an interest in changing government," Bosma said.

A long time county employee, this is Bosma's first run for office. He's a proponent of term limits and a fresh approach.

"Progress. Progress brings change. Look at the way this county's growing and this county is going to explode, and we need leadership ready for that. I think I'm the one.>

In the primary, Bosma beat Doyal by just 95 votes out of nearly 40,000 cast.

"Runoff's going well. We've got a lot of activity, a lot of excitement," Doyal said.

Doyal says mobility is the top issue.

"I'm going to continue to fix the mobility issues that we have, continue to fight government spending, to keep our spending as low as possible," he said. "I want to make sure that Montgomery County continues to be that strong county that we have been for a very long time, that we still continue to provide the opportunity for jobs for growth for people to come here and raise a family."

Both men know it's their message that will drive a dedicated group of supporters to the polls.

"The experience that I have in transportation and mobility and budgeting, in trying to provide those corporate incentives for that corporate relocation and that commercial growth here to complement that residential growth that we know is coming," Doyal said.

"I think the way we need to do that is long-term planning. It's something the county hasn't really put a hard-fought battle into. That's a big issue. Planning can solve a lot of problems," Bosma said.

The runoff election is Tuesday, May 27. There is no Democrat, so whoever wins the Republican primary runoff wins the seat come 2015.

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