Sam Houston Area Council celebrates 100 years of scouting


They're celebrating a century of service. The Boy Scouts of America Sam Houston Area Council is now 100 years old.

"We had a big membership of 250 scouts in 1914," said Rodney Eads with the Sam Houston Area Council.

The Sam Houston Area Council has grown tremendously over the years. It's now one of the largest councils in the country, serving about 60,000 youth across 16-and-a-half counties.

NASA astronaut Col. Mike Fossum said, "Young men and women join and they stay in scouting because of the lure of fun friends and adventure."

Colonel Fossom says the skills he learned as a scout helped him chase his dreams of becoming a NASA astronaut.

He recalled, "I remember taking the astronomy merit badge and looking up at the stars at night and dreaming just a little bit in the back of my mind -- what if?"

Proud scout leaders say they want other boys and parents to know with scouting possibilities are endless. That's why the Sam Houston Area Council's proudly hosting the 78th annual Scout Fair at NRG Arena this Saturday.

Centennial Chair Stan Stanley explained, "They have an opportunity to visit our 32 districts at that event. If it's a new parent coming into the program, they have 32 districts they can view, find one close to their home, find one that meets their kids' needs."

Organizers say the fair will be a fun and interactive day. Showing kids and parents how scouting can help them gain valuable skills, like dealing with the outdoors, adversity, working in teams and learning to cook, among other things.

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