Philadelphia couple weds at St. Christopher's Hospital

PHILADELPHIA - March 20, 2014

It was a first for St. Christopher's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - a traditional wedding ceremony, complete with a pastor, flowers and bride and groom all in wedding attire.

Amber and Joshua Fox had planned to marry this summer after their son was born last month.

Lucas Fox was initially a healthy baby at 9 pounds, 11 ounces but soon refused to eat.

Doctors determined he was suffering from jejunal atresia, an obstruction in his intestines that would require surgery.

Doctors actually had suspected the baby might have an problem from an ultrasound, earlier in Amber's pregnancy.

"We had our radar up. We were certainly watching this baby to see if he had any unusual symptoms," said Suzanne Touch, M.D., neonatologist.

Baby Lucas' intestinal surgery went well but over the next 24 hours, the infant developed a leak from his left lung, affecting his ability to breath.

A ventilator to improve his breathing didn't work so doctors opted for a procedure called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO.

"It's basically related to the kind of bypass that's used for cardiac surgery," said Jane McGowan, M.D., neonatologist.

Only St. Christopher's and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia use the procedure in this region.

It's been a lifesaver for Baby Lucas.

"He's improving slowly. He's a lot better than he was when I first met him," said Dr. McGowan.

Amber and Joshua had been concerned their baby wouldn't be alert enough for a wedding ceremony.

"We wanted him to actually look at us both and smile and be able to actually see the ceremony and see us actually get wed," said Amber.

However Baby Lucas enjoyed it all.

"Yes, he has my crickey grin and he knew all the ladies were looking and talking about him," said Joshua.

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