Fast food workers share what they wouldn't eat

Reddit asked its readers who are fast food workers which items on the menu should be avoided. They received an overwhelming number of responses from employees who claim to have worked at nearly every chain you've ever visited.

According to posters, here are the items you should steer clear of during your next drive-thru meal:

  1. McDonald's McNuggets and McCafe drinks - Readers say unless you ask for fresh chicken nuggets, the ones you are served have probably been sitting under a heat lamp for hours. When the timer goes off to make fresh ones, some people admit they never did. The McCafe drinks should be avoided because posters say the machines are hard to clean and rarely are.
  2. Subway egg and tuna salad - The prepackaged salads are delivered to the store in bags and contain more mayonnaise than you probably want to eat, according to Reddit users.
  3. Pizza Hut pizza – People who claim to have tossed the dough said they rarely used gloves. Chances are the dough is old and oily too.
  4. KFC's BBQ sandwich - According to one poster, the chicken is too old to give to homeless people. That person claims they soak the chicken in BBQ sauce until it's moist enough to be pulled apart and served.
  5. Wendy's chili - You know the dried up beef that's on the grill after you've finished cooking? That's apparently where they get the meat for their famous chili, one post claims.

So far, no companies have refuted the posts, but if you have personally worked in a restaurant we would love to hear what you have to say about fast food practices.

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