Medical Reporter Christi Myers retires from ABC13


The key to being a great doctor is caring about people and patients. That's also the key to being a great medical reporter, and for 27 years here at Channel 13, that person has been Christi Myers.

She has lived her adult life in front of the camera, starting her career in Wichita Falls. Then she went on to Houston, where she worked at two other stations before making Channel 13 her TV home.

She was a very good news reporter, but Christi showed a curiosity about what makes all of us tick: our health and what can make us sick.

She often traveled around the world to do it, and five days a week, she's given us advice on how to take care of our health.

In the course of her career, she has won more awards than there is time to chronicle. Last year, when the Texas Medical Association gave its first ever award for health journalist of the year, it went to Christi.

But one other night stands out: She won an Emmy in Miami, which was accepted by a co-worker while she was in San Francisco accepting an award by the National Epilepsy Foundation. For her, it is personal. Her son Aaron was diagnosed with the condition.

Perhaps it's what always reminded her that the patient is the important part of medicine…. That's at the core of her success, caring about people.

Christi is about to try something new. She'll finally be able to spend time with her husband and family full time. Aaron is a young man now. Daughter Laura is a high school sophomore, and husband Russell is an aircraft sales executive. Now she'll be able to travel with him without a deadline to meet.

It's a life she's never before had, and we hope it is as richly rewarding as what she has done for all of us week in and week out, year after year, after year.

We wish you the best of luck, Christi!

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