New rules under Dodd-Frank Act making home-buying process longer, harder


The problems can pop up when it comes to getting a loan because now homeowners have to meet tougher debt limits.

Even in a booming market like Houston, some deals are falling through completely.

"I just had one where they wanted the 2013 tax return; well this is only February of 2014, so no one is going to have those ready yet," Houston Realtor Tim Surrat said.

Surrat says the Dodd-Frank Act has also caused delays in closing home loans. What once took 30 days is now dragging on an extra two weeks or more as banks ask for more verifiable proof of income.

Another potential problem is a borrower's debt load.

"Basically the big change was to drop the debt-to-income ratio from 45 maximum to 43 maximum. So that means basically a whole bunch more people won't qualify for a loan," said Marc Elliot with Core Lending said.

Elliot says if the interest rate goes up, some borrowers will be less likely to qualify for a home loan.

Another issue is that banks are spending more to comply with Dodd-Frank, and 15 percent of small banks plan to eliminate mortgage lending entirely because of the new rules.

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