Video captures principal dragging little girl down hallway of school


Parents are outraged over the surveillance video that has just come to light.

It shows the 5-year-old child being dragged by her feet along a hallway at a school in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Another clip shows the adult yank the girl by the arm and leg.

That's allegedly the school principal.

"After seeing the videos, she dragged my daughter like she was some kind of animal," said Nakeya Hargrove, the student's mother.

Nakeya Hargrove says her daughter was afraid to go to Tisdale Elementary School.

She only found out about the March 2012 incident after a worker with the Department of Children and Families told her months after it happened.

"Who in their right mind let a principal go back to any school in Bridgeport and be a principal again?" Hargrove said.

"I still cringe when I see this, still cringe when I see this," said Sandra Kase, Chief Administrative Officer of Bridgeport Public Schools.

Chief Administrative Officer Sandra Kase says Principal Carmen Perez-Dickson should have been fired regardless of her more than 30 years with the district.

But after executive sessions with the Bridgeport School Board last year, Perez-Dickson was put on six months of unpaid leave, and then she's supposed to get an administrative job.

"Principals are supposed to be protectors of children, they're not supposed to hurt children," Kase said.

Kase says it is only acceptable to restrain a child if the student is a danger to themselves or others.

She points out that Perez-Dickson could be principal again, but that decision is up to the new superintendent.

"I can't speak for that superintendent, however I know that that superintendent believes as we do that children need to be safe," Kase said.

"You don't put your hands on no children like that, especially a principal," Hargrove said.

This story was first reported by WABC-TV, KTRK's sister station in New York City.

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