First woman to play running back in a pro game earns respect in Collin County


The 36-year-old running back had three carries for the Texas Revolution. Her team defeated the North Texas Crunch 64-30.

No one can ever say that she can't take a legitimate hit from male football players. The Dallas Morning News reports that Welter took multiple hits, including one from a 6-4, 245-pound defensive lineman Cedric Hearvey.

Nor could anyone accuse the Crunch of taking it easy on her, although Hearvey turned to the Revolution sideline after his fourth-quarter tackle and hollered for the coaches to take Welter out "because this doesn't feel right," the newspaper reports.

Welter, however, reportedly told Hearvey that she in no way wanted him or any of the Crunch players to go easy on her.

The running back has played linebacker for the Dallas Diamonds of the Women's Football Alliance for 10 years. The newspaper reports that she isn't advocating that women play against men; she mostly wants the world to know that women are passionate about football, too, and that women's leagues deserve more visibility and to play on bigger stages.

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