Online drinking game called 'Neknominate' becomes deadly

The game is called "Neknominate." According to CNN, it's thought to have originated in Australia, and it's now sweeping through Britain. But what started as just a game turned deadly.

Neknominate has reportedly claimed at least four lives – all men younger than 30.

The premise of Neknominate is simple. People film themselves "neking,"or downing a large drink -- typically hair-raising blends of booze, sometimes mixed with other things. The video is then posted to social media and the poster nominates a friend to outdo them

If the nominee doesn't respond, they are reportedly ridiculed on Facebook and Twitter.

Each nomination becomes more and more daring and outlandish. One dare even included liquor mixed with a dead mouse, among other things.

In a statement to CNN, Facebook said, "We do not tolerate content which is directly harmful, for example bullying, but behaviour which some people may find offensive or controversial is not always necessarily against our rules. We encourage people to report things to us which they feel breaks our rules so we can review and take action on a case by case basis."

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