TSU college basketball star Aaric Murray overcomes obstacles, now possible NBA prospect again


"Not having as many distractions is good for me," said Murray.

Murray is a changed man. He's got the look and touch of a college basketball superstar but the TSU senior has had to battle demons.

First he transferred out of Lasalle to West Virginia and then a drug arrest followed by what appeared to be the end of his career. He was kicked off the Mountaineers basketball team.

"I got real low. I wanted to quit basketball actually but the coaches told me to keep faith. And to just believe in him and believe in where I wanted to be and things have been going well," Murray said.

Sometimes it's all about the right change of scenery. At his lowest point, Texas Southern head coach Mike Davis provided the right atmosphere for Murray to reach his personal and basketball potential.

"I just think with Aaric you just need to understand him and talk to him a lot. We do talk every day," said Coach Davis.

"I just stay out of trouble now. It's no real structure. I am not getting punished or anything. I am just stay away from the nonsense."

Now Aaric has a lot of tattoos, in fact he says he lost count after 67 of them but his most important one is on his neck and it says, 'no worries.'

"After getting out of Glenn Mills, that was a rough and after that I figured I had no more worries," he said.

The cleaned up and polished Murray now mentioned as a possible NBA first round pick.

"He is definitely NBA talent this year. He needs to pick up 15-20 pounds from a strength stand point. He is a talent and one of the best guys I have ever coached," said Coach Davis.

"Yeah this is my last go around, I can't mess this one up," said Murray.

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