Doctor stitches up his shark bite wounds, goes out for beers

COLAC BAY, New Zealand

Dr. James Grant, 24, was spearfishing with friends in murky water near Colac Bay over the weekend when he was attacked by what he believed was a sevengill shark.

Dr. Grand told Radio New Zealand that at first he thought the tugging on on his leg was a friend playing a prank, until he turned and saw the shark. Armed with a knife, he managed to chase the creature away. It was only after removing his wetsuit that Dr. Grant realized he had been bitten.

The doctor says he calmly stitched up the wounds on his leg. He and his friends then went to a nearby tavern for beers, where he says he was given a bandage after dripping blood on the floor.

Dr. Grant was reportedly given additional treatment at the hospital where he works. He was said to be back at work on Monday.

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