Icy conditions reported on Houston area roads


Updated: 10:34am
The following locations have reports of ice:

US-59 Northbound at SH-105, All Mainlanes

Source: Houston Transtar

Houston METRO

METRO will extend Park and Ride morning service by one hour to accommodate customers who are delaying their morning start due to the severe weather. METRO will be adding two trips (about 30 minutes apart) for each Park and Ride service.

Rail service for the North Line extension has also been restored. Trains will run the entire length of the line, from Fannin South to Northline TC/HCC station.

Previous service adjustments will remain in place:

  • ALL METRO HOV/HOT lanes will open for the Tuesday morning commute except 59 North HOV.
  • Park and Ride bus service will be running but expect delays as buses will avoid overpasses and bridges.
  • Local buses will run with possible delays depending on area of town and weather conditions. Buses will avoid overpasses and bridges and some detours may occur.
  • METRORail will be running at least every 12 minutes from Fannin South to Northline TC/HCC station.
  • METROLift will be running, but we ask patrons to limit request to essential trips and expect delays.

HPD is asking residents who are involved in minor accidents without injuries to please move vehicles to the side of the road or off of freeways, exchange information, take pictures of damage and move on. Police will respond to accidents with injuries and immovable vehicles. Residents can take the information collected and either return to a police station at a later time to make a report, or make a report online at houstonpolice.org. HPD also reminds drivers to not stand in the roadway after an accident for their safety.

TxDOT reminds drivers of the following tips in icy conditions:

  • Reduce speed and avoid using cruise control
  • Increase following distance
  • Avoid bridges, overpasses and shady areas as they tend to ice first.
  • Stay back at least 200 feet from vehicles treating roadways
  • If you start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes and steer into the direction of the skid

For updated information on Texas road conditions, call the TxDOT hotline at 800-452-9292 or visit DriveTexas™ online at www.DriveTexas.org. For Houston-specific TxDOT news and information, follow on Twitter @TxDOTHoustonPIO.

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