Montrose residents take parking problems to Houston City Council


You'll find old, established bars and restaurants there, expensive new townhouses and even more building on the way. The only thing you don't find much of is parking.

"The bars are down the street within parking distance, so this is the parking lot for the bars," resident Rebecca Nolen said.

That's why some on Drew Street are petitioning the city, asking to designate their block as residential parking only after 9pm. The city requires studies and public hearings before granting permit parking.

"We believe that permit parking ... makes a big difference in the safety and cleanliness of the neighborhood," one resident told officials at a Houston City Council meeting.

"What it's really about is trying to make the business owners plan for the type of parking that they're going to need and whenever there's a demonstrated problem that those plans haven't properly been made, there's a way for us to respond," said Chris Newport with the City of Houston Regulatory Affairs Department.

But nearby bars, like TC's Show Bar, say the designation could hurt business.

"This is the entertainment district of Houston, and a lot of people come here on the weekends," TC's Show Club owner Miguel Hernandez said.

He points out the bars were here before some of these expensive townhomes.

"It's kind of poor planning. If you have new townhomes coming up every month, they should find a way to have a new parking area," Hernandez said.

"I think it's important to support the businesses and to support the residents in the community as well. So I'm not convinced there's a right or a wrong answer," resident Sarah Elsea said.

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