Alleged ID thief makes Costco card with her photo


The victim, a local doctor, says the thief has been spending money all over town with her information but might have gotten sloppy. A picture she got in the mail has her asking if it's the thief.

Lauren Campbell is a busy dermatologist who's now had to make time to clean up someone else's mess.

"I've probably spent 40 hours on the phone with this," Campbell said.

With her folder full of notes, she's been going through each of her credit accounts since she learned her identity had been stolen.

The crook has been busy, too.

"They've gone to Costco, Sam's, Apple store, Gordon's Jewelers, Toy R Us. Gosh there are so many, I think at least 10," Campbell said.

Campbell says the suspect spent $30,000 she says over just five days.

"It's maddening, you just can't believe this is happening," she said.

Campbell has no idea how it happened and there would be few leads for police to pursue except for one piece of mail that Campbell received.

"I actually got the Costco card that this person applied for," Campbell said.

Campbell believes on it is the photo of the thief who's been wreaking havoc on her life -- a stranger's picture tied to all of her information.

She hopes someone recognizes the woman and calls police.

Meanwhile, she's warning everyone she knows to watch out for these kinds of thieves.

"It feels so personal, like someone is using your information, your name, your address -- where I live -- and you get very upset about it. You get paranoid and it's upsetting," Campbell said.

Campbell suggests to protect your identity, you should shred all documents, always use a secure computer and monitor your credit closely.

She believes the thief is local so she hopes that by going public, someone here will recognize her and call police.

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