Highlands gun store burglarized three times; 17 weapons stolen


The store is owned by a former deputy and patronized by law enforcement. It's the kind of place that thieves would be dumb to target, but they have.

A new razor-wire fence is going up. It's the latest security measure that the gun store has been forced to take. In 40 years in business, there have been five break-ins, and three of them in the past year and a half.

Pig Supply Inc. is owned by former Harris County deputy Rusty Mayfield and family. The clientele includes law enforcement and people looking for self protection.

The outside of the building shows where thieves have made their entries. After the first, the walls were reinforced but they still got in. Security video of the group shows they have a lookout who sprays the security camera.

On November 30, they made their way into the showroom, stealing four pistols and a shotgun, even as the burglar alarm was sounding. The total taken from the last three break-ins is 17 weapons, and the thieves were selective.

"They had somebody come in here and case the place, decide what they wanted and come back for their early Christmas," Mayfield said.

Most frustrating, Mayfield says, is the slow pace of the sheriff's office investigation. He has security video, and there was also evidence, including tools and a hat left behind, that have all been turned over to detectives.

Mayfield says he's still waiting for a phone call.

"Because if you have DNA on a hat, that's pretty good indication that he is a suspect," Mayfield said.

The concern is that the stolen weapons could be used in crimes. Customer Clyde Hanna says one already has; the burglar caught at their home four years ago.

"They also announced to that gentlemen, he was in trouble 'cause he was associated with robbing this store," Hanna said.

That gun was taken off the street, but a lot more from the store cases are still missing.

"Worried every night about one of my a fellow officer getting shot, or a businessman or someone in the community," Mayfield said.

Anyone with information about the break-ins is encouraged to contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office of the store itself.

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