Residents in NE Houston say rodents are terrorizing them


It's going on at the La Quinta Garden Apartments on Aldine Mail Route. The manager there told me she's aware of the rodent problem and is trying her best to fight it.

After speaking with several residents, all in different buildings, we found out – up close – that the rodent invasion was more widespread than we thought.

Within minutes of waiting, we found one of many little rodents. That never fail to trigger screams from Thresea Gutierrez and her 9-year-old granddaughter, Abigail.

"I'm still trying to catch my breath," said Gutierrez. "My heart is like racing."

Since Gutierrez moved in two months ago, mice have invaded the family's bedrooms.

"You can hear them in the walls. They're just tearing the carpet, up making holes in the walls," said Gutierrez.

Our cameras caught the pantry, kitchen cabinets and stove all covered in mouse droppings.

"They're not afraid to run anywhere in front of us," she said.

No matter in the day or night, Gutierrez says she's complained to the La Quinta Garden Apartment manager who told us she's responded to Gutierrez's pest problem.

Yet even after that and repeated pest control visits, the traps -- sticky tape and foam plugs -- are still no match for the pesky little rodents that Gutierrez says keep multiplying in building 8.

"I'm very scare that it might come out," Abigail said.

In building 3, a woman showed us larger holes in the walls of her apartment where she says rats creep in at night. She says one even bit her husband on the hand.

The manager did not want to talk on camera but she said she is willing to let Gutierrez out of her lease without any penalties. She said all they can do now is consult with their pest control contractor to keep the rodent population from growing any more.

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