Grieving N. Texas husband wants wife off life-support


It's a decision north Texas paramedics Erick and Marlise Muniz hoped they'd never have to make for each other.

"We've talked about it. We're both paramedics. We've seen things out in the field," said Erick. "I mean, we both knew we didn't want to be on life-support."

But last month, Erick found Marlise collapsed inside their home. She was rushed to the hospital. Doctors believe she suffered from a pulmonary embolism and put her on a ventilator.

Now, Erick wants her to be taken off machines that are keeping her alive, but Texas law won't permit that. Muniz is 18 weeks pregnant and state law protects the life of a fetus in its health and safety code.

The hospital says it's just following the law.

"We have a responsibility of making sure we follow the laws whether they are state or federal when it comes to providing care to patients and that's what we are doing in this case,' said JPS Hospital spokesperson J.R. Labbe.

Munoz says he understands his fight is unpopular, but maintains it's deeply rooted in love for his wife.

"I can't say enough about her, and everything i do will be for her," he said. "I can't do her justice, she is for her she was a great women."

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