Buying a new Xbox or PS4? Prep it first


If your loved ones are lucky enough to get and XBox One or Play Station 4 this year, you're going to need to factor in long setup times before getting your favorite games up and running.

"I haven't been able to mess with the Xbox one yet but the PS4 has been great," consumer Alan Saper said.

Saper found the Xbox One for the holidays, and is familiar with the longer-than-usual setup times.

"The loading time in the beginning can be a little lengthy," Saper said.

"They both have hard drives in them and they do require an install time to actually download the content to get them up and running," gaming expert and Best Buy employee Jamarr Coote said.

Coote says if you or your kids open up one of these on Christmas, don't expect them to operate right out of the box. The time to initially set it up?

"It's going to at least cost about a half an hour. And then depending on the games that you get, it could be an additional 20-30 minutes for each game," Coote said.

Some games are larger than others and may require additional time to load time.

"Call of Duty Ghost, one of the hottest games of the year, it's 47 gigs and that going to take a long time to at least install," Coote said.

But with all games, once they're loaded into the system, startup times are a lot faster for the next time you play them.

So to avoid testing your little ones' patience on Christmas morning, Coote advises to set it up before you wrap them.

"Take it out of the box, hook all the connections to the TV and go ahead and start downloading the initial download. And then install the games that you think they may want to play on that day," Coote said.

Another factor that will affect your initial setup time is your Internet speed. These new gaming consoles require an online connection. So if you have a slower connection, expect even longer wait times to get them up and running. But again, good advice is to set these up ahead of time before your loved ones open them.

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