You can still save on Christmas gifts, if you know where to look


There are solutions at your fingertips that can help you find the right gift at the best price and you still have time to get it with free shipping.

Lindi Markle is a busy Woodlands middle school teacher with no time to hit the stores for Christmas.

"I actually do most of my Christmas shopping online because I have five boys and I work full time," said Markle.

Markle hits regularly, but to make sure she finds the best deal she also visits Enter the item you want and it shows you where it is available and the price you'll pay, including shipping.

Sites like and offer the same service. With Christmas on the horizon, the sites can be the best way to find a popular gift on sale without running all over town.

"The time that you want to use one of those sites if you already know what you want, if you are super specific," said Tiffany Ivansky.

Ivansky is abc13's Super Saver. She uses the Barbie Dreamhouse as an example. It's a hard-to-find hot item, but the shopping websites will show you who still has it, the price and how much you'll pay for shipping.

Ivansky adds websites like can help you save by showing coupon codes, deals and discount offers. Once you find the item use to see if the price has risen or dropped over time, so you'll know if you are getting the best deal.

"Camel Camel Camel is just one of my favorite sites out there because it gives me an idea what the lowest price has been over the last six months," said Ivansky.

One more thing to remember, free shipping day is December 18. You can find more than 600 websites offering free shipping with delivery before Christmas. Check for a list.

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