Dave Ward talks about moment he heard JFK news


It is a cold and blustery day in Dallas. But about 5,000 people and hundreds of reporters and photographers have crowded onto Dealey Square, where the president was assassinated 50 years ago today.

On that day, I was a news reporter at KNZ Radio in Houston and I was on duty when the first news bulletins came across the wire.

"It appears as though something has happened in the motorcade group," said a reporter.

It was just Arch Yancy and I in the studio when the first bulletin came across the AP wire.

"When you had a little cardboard clip out, you would throw up against the newsroom glass that I could see because I was sitting there and you were here. You were holding it up and it said 'BULLETIN,'" Arch said. "It was just terrible."

It was the first AP dispatch from Dallas, shots had been fired at the presidential motorcade in Dallas.

"And you were there white as snow, holding up the bulletin," Arch told me.

Arch wheeled and looked and looked at me with a look of shock on his face I'll never forget as long as I live.

"You just didn't expect anything like that to happen. It was the time and we thought everything like that had ended with the Garfields and President Lincoln. But by gosh there it was again," Arch said.

One by one, the bulletins just kept coming. The president's motorcade then was headed to Parkland Hospital.

Then we learned that Texas Governor John Connally had also been shot. But it was the flash around 2pm that really said it all.

It was not a bulletin, this is a flash. You don't ever see those. "The president of the United States is dead," it read.

It's a day Arch and I will never forget. We shared a moment of history together.

"We certainly did," said Arch.

We will never forget the experience.

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