Just in time for Christmas, Consumer Reports lists best, worst tablets


This is the only place you'll see the breakdown of Consumer Reports tablet tests, and surprise, Apple does not hold the top spot across the entire tablet spectrum.

Tablet computers are everywhere you look and on the top of the Christmas wish list. If you are having trouble sorting out the options among the 100 tablets available, you are in luck.

Consumer Reports say the tablet with their highest rating at the lowest cost is the $23 Kindle Fire HDX Wi-Fi only.

"You push a button, and up pops a live tech-support person who can help you out with any question you have about the tablet right then and there," said Consumer Reports' Donna Tapellini.

The highest-rated 7-inch Wi-Fi only tablet is the Galaxy Note 8.0 with 16 gigs; it costs $380.

The Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation 16-gig Wi-Fi only also scored well among tablets with 7-inch screens. It costs just $230.

But add 4G and Apple gets the top score among 7-inch tablets. The Apple iPad mini 4G with 16 gigs costs $430.

And Consumer Reports loved the iPad Air.

"Even though Apple made the iPad Air thinner and lighter, they didn't sacrifice screen quality at all. This screen looks just as good as the screen on the iPad 4," Tapellini said.

The iPad Air with 4G earned Consumer Reports' highest score for any tablet ever. But it is not cheap. It starts at $629, and at $500 for Wi-Fi only.

Consumer Reports also gave top ratings to the Galaxy Note 8.0, 4G. The 16-gig version costs $500.

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