Clean social media profiles key for successful career


Let's face it, you or someone you know has been posting things on Facebook or Twitter that should not be made public. Maybe it's time they clean up their social media profile.

University of Houston Senior Veli Shah has been active on social media since seventh grade. While she tries to keep her profile clean, Shah says she sees plenty of cringe-worthy posts.

"They always put up pictures of them drinking or hanging out at these parties that are clearly for 21 or older people," she said.

"And they are not 21?" we asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Getting rid of a social media mistake made years ago is crucial. Ashley Small runs a social media PR consulting firm here in Houston and looks through an applicant's online activities before hiring anyone.

"What do you do on the weekends? Will that behavior affect our company in a poor way? So that's why I go looking at it," Small said.

Small says past party pictures, current posts about drinking and rants about your employer are problems for job seekers. Even your list of followers can be a negative.

So her suggestion...

"Do some deleting and unfriending," Small said.

LaShawn Chambers is the VP of a planning and consulting firm here in Houston and says profiles should be thoroughly edited well before old posts come into question and recommends spending time deleting embarrassing photos one by one from all your social media sites.

"It literally is a check by check, click by click of what we want to remove," Chambers said.

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