Youth football league eligibility raises controversy


The team we're talking about should be practicing for the playoffs on Saturday but instead they are at home, waiting for a court order.

Braylon Bridges, 11, helped lead the Spring Junior Lions football team to six straight victories.

"God just blessed me with this talent and I'm glad I got this talent," he said.

But just days away from the playoffs, Braylon has been ruled ineligible.

"Why did you say it was OK initially, but six games later, right before the playoffs, now we're ineligible?" said his mother, Nikita Bridge.

The All American Youth Football and Drill Team ruled that because Braylon had previously played for two weeks on a tournament team, he should never have qualified to play on his team and should have been moved to the next level. His coach says the league knew everything about this player ahead of time, and this is about jealousy on the part of other teams.

"They discussed it and they still went ahead and signed off on it," Spring Junior Lions coach Wardell Jones said.

Attorney Rod Manor is taking the case to court, seeking a temporary restraining order against the league.

"It's basically a breach of contract. They signed off on the rosters, they've acquiesced to these rosters," Manor said.

Here's why it's urgent: With any player ruled ineligible, 22 boys will have to forfeit the rest of the season, and that's not sitting well with parents.

"Shame on them to take away something the boys have earned and fought hard for," parent Jessi Walker said.

We reached out to the league but have not yet received a response. We will keep you posted.

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