Bride gets second chance to tie knot after cancer diagnosis derails initial wedding plans


Sophie Hoelscher and Aaron Long met in high school.

"Been wanting to marry her ever since," Long said.

After college, they planned their wedding and the invitations had been sent.

"Everything was done. All my thank you notes were done, everything," Hoelscher's mother, Althea Hoelscher, said.

Then the 23-year-old went to the doctor for a breathing problem and learned she had a football-sized cancer in her chest.

"Tuesday I went in for surgery and never woke up til' March 20. And that was February 19," she said.

The wedding turned into a vigil, with the groom became a comforter to the bride's parents.

"That's a good man. Most men would have run the other way, wouldn't have wanted to deal with us, wouldn't want to deal with the issues of her being sick," Althea Hoelscher said.

Today, Sophie Hoelscher's tumor is gone. Her doctor credits radiation, plus a combination chemotherapy.

"Considering where she was, her clock has been set back to where it should be full of joy and hope for the future," said Dr. Swaminathan Iyer with the Houston Methodist Cancer Center.

Sophie and Long have set a new wedding day for January 11. Her trach will be gone, her eye, which was scratched in ICU, should be healed, and she's planning on buying a wig.

"It's been a long, long time, and a long time coming and I've very happy that we're gonna be able to do it," Long said.

They are grateful their prayers were answered.

"You gotta rely on God, and he's brought her through it," Long said.

And their wedding reception will be a double celebration of her survival and their new life together.

"I think just having a big party, where we can let our hair down and just be normal again," Sophie Hoelscher said.

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