Super Saver shares tips to save on Halloween candy


You can usually find super saver Paul Ivanovsky strolling the aisles at Walmart. His blog called includes all things about saving money at Walmart.

"You can actually make your own variety pack for less per ounce," he said.

And Ivanovsky is helping his readers in person and on his blog to find the best deal on Halloween candy.

Tip Number 1: When it comes to candy, always pull out your calculator to find the price per ounce

Ivanovsky says for chocolate, a good base price is 24 cents an ounce. So calculate the price to get the best deal.

"So when you are looking at a bag of chocolate, like this is a pretty good bag, it's 22.49 ounces for $4.68. You are paying 20 cents an ounce," Ivanovsky said.

Tip Number 2: It may pay you to bypass the variety packs because sometimes these can be more expensive.

Ivanovsky found a variety pack of select Nestle candy was much more expensive than the smaller bags of the same type of candy.

"When you go in and calculate it, it's a 2-pound bag, 32.9 ounce for $8.98; that's like 27, 28 cents an ounce. It's not nearly as good a deal as if you buy your own bags. You can buy three or four of the little ones, same price and make your own variety bags and save yourself some money," Ivanovsky said.

Tip Number 3: Print online candy coupons before you make it to the store. For example right now, there is a $2 off coupon on three Mars products.

And finally to save the most money, combine coupons with a store coupon and sale. At Walgreens, we combined a store coupon, a sale and a manufacturer coupon to score four bags of candy for $6. It was the best deal we found at just 14 cents an ounce.

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