Young bone marrow recipient from Houston meets donor who saved her life


Kate Boggan flung her arms around her prince charming. She had never seen Lance McDaniels before, but she knew that he saved her life.

"Lance was crying. I was crying. It was just very emotional," Kate's mother Lindsay Boggan said.

The 26-year-old single man from California donated his bone marrow to Kate, who was born with a lethal bone marrow disorder. He signed up to be a match when a college professor suggested it.

"I got 10 points extra credit on my next test," jokes McDaniels.

Lindsay and Alex Boggan had waited almost two years to thank their daughter's donor in person and were amazed at the instant bond he had with their three-year-old.

"His body, and his DNA is what's keeping her body alive. It's just remarkable," Boggan said.

Kate is doing well, but her little brother, Will, was born with the same genetic disorder, and his donor backed out at the last minute.

"It was still heartbreaking," Boggan said.

They found another match for Will, and he had a bone marrow transplant in June. But that experience made them all the more appreciative of the young man who don't think twice about saving Kate's life. And even at three, Kate understands.

Kate's family is planning to visit McDaniels and his girlfriend in California, and Kate has decided she wants to be in McDaniels's wedding.

"She's determined that Lance and Lacey are going to get married and that she's going to throw flowers at his wedding. We'll see if that happens but she put the pressure on! Boggan said.

After all, Kate and McDaniels are very much like family.

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