Honor student in Massachusetts suspended for driving drunk friend home

Erin Cox, an honor student, was suspended from a Massachusetts high school after she drove home a friend who'd been drinking at a party.

October 15, 2013 4:11:49 AM PDT
A teenager in Massachusetts is fighting her school suspension and demotion from captain of her volleyball team. Her family says she is being punished for doing the right thing

Erin Cox went to a friend's aid when that friend asked her to be the designated driver. The friend had been drinking at a party and wanted to leave.

Erin's mother says police showed up a few minutes after her daughter arrived at the party. The school found out about the party and determined Erin was in violation of its zero-tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol.

"If a kid asks for help from a friend, you don't want that kid to say I'm sorry I can't help you I might end up in trouble at school," said Wendy Murphy, the family's attorney.

"She did what she thought was right and I'm very proud of herfor that," said Eleanor Cox, the girl's mother.

At court, an officer testified Erin was sober at the party and should not be punished.

The school declined to comment.

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