Former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury has advice for Matt Schaub

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury says this is a test of just how mentally tough the Texans QB is.

"Trust me. I was no Matt Schaub," said Salisbury. "I was not that good. I lasted ten years, but struggled every year."

Salisbury played for several teams, including the Minnesota Vikings and even the Houston Oilers in 1994. Now as a local sports radio host, he says Schaub is well aware of the fan backlash.

"They say they don't read it or hear it. How can you not?" said Salisbury. "If you don't read it, someone else is reminding you of it, whether it's the burning of a jersey on the news or somebody showing up at his house."

Salibury says despite having fans turn on you, it must be blocked out.

"For fans, it'll ruin their whole week. A players is taught that Sunday, you make a mistake, Monday, we got to watch film and we got to get on with it. We've got another game," said Salisbury.

The former QB knows one thing for sure -- a win this Sunday is the only way to wake up from this nightmare.

"It's nothing personal, but he's got to play better and that's his responsibility and that's why he makes $60 million over his contract and unfortunately, with big money comes big expectations and come either big disappointments or big excitement."

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