Texans quarterback Matt Schaub talks about alleged incident outside his home

SAN FRANCISCO, CA On Wednesday, Shaub spoke about the alleged incident. He's denying the incident beyond some photos being taken at his home, which isn't consistent with what we were told by an NFL source on Wednesday.

That source says Schaub was berated by one fan in front of his family. The fan took photos of Schaub and posted them on social media.

Houston police did tweet that Schaub filed reports on two different trespassing incidents, Schaub said on Wednesday, that wasn't the case, that the incident was just someone driving by his home taking pictures and nothing beyond that.

"To my knowledge, that didn't happen, whether someone did pull in the driveway or not," said Schaub. "I'm not watching the front of the house all the time, but to my knowledge, no one did and if they did, we contacted team personnel just to let them know that was going on."

When Schaub was asked about adding extra security, he said that was between he, his wife and the team.

We did want to know if the Texans were planning any additional security following the incident. According to spokesperson Kevin Cooper, "We make adjustments as needed," and went on to say, "given what the police department has said, we are not concerned."

In a city council meeting on Wednesday, Houston Councilman Ed Gonzalez had a message for Texans fans frustrated with the team.

"Our fans are better than that," he said. "We need to keep it classy and continue to root the home team and allow whatever decisions that need to be made be made. And judge the players for the performance on the field."

Meantime, Schaub was given a vote of confidence from his coach. Gary Kubiak named Schaub the starter for Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams, calling Schaub "the best thing for our football team this weekend."

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