Alleged 'wigged-out bandit,' accomplices arrested in Houston credit union robbery


Charging documents state that Quinnton Rashaud Allen, Rodney Dean Sewell and Lawrence Christopher Williams robbed the Texas Dow Employees Credit Union on West 19th Street around 3pm on September 11.

A teller at the credit union told investigators that a man came inside, jumped over the teller counter, pointed a revolver at her and demanded money. The man, who was wearing a Dallas Cowboys baseball cap and covering his face with a white cut-off shirt, handed her a plastic bag. As she was filling it with cash, the man walked to the next teller station, threatened the woman with a gun and pushed her out of the way before filling another bag with cash from the second register.

The man reportedly took the money with him as he hopped back over the teller counter and exited the credit union.

But officials said that suspect wasn't alone. As this was happening, a second suspect in a black ski mask approached a credit union employee in his office and stole a cell phone. A third suspect served as a lookout, officials said. He was seen on surveillance video standing near the front door, wearing a long wig and sunglasses. And a fourth suspect, who was wearing a baseball cap, was seen on surveillance footage trying to gain entry to the teller station area, but he was stopped by a locked door.

According to court documents, Sewell and Allen were arrested on September 23 during the investigation of a related case -- the robbery of a Houston T-Mobile store. Investigators searched Sewell's vehicle and found a revolver beneath the front passenger seat. A black ski mask and white cut-off shirt were also recovered, officials said.

Five days later, Williams was arrested as a possible suspect in the T-Mobile robbery. Court documents state that Williams told investigators he was the man wearing the wig during the credit union robbery, which he said he committed with Allen and Sewell.

Allen, 20, is charged with felony aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor theft. Allen's total bond was set at $35,000. Sewell, 34, is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and was being held Monday in lieu of $75,000 bond. Williams, 29, is also charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and was being held without bond Monday.

It's unclear whether additional arrests are possible.

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