Texans put Seahawks game behind them; prepare for Niners


Antonio Smith tells us JJ Watt actually smiled and laughed in a team meeting. Smith also loves the comparison between Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and a gazelle.

The ninja has his gazelle hunting gear packed and ready.

"We've got poison darts, bow and arrow," said Smith. "I've also got throwing blades. You know, throw one right at his ankle, slice the Achilles, that'll take a gazelle down every time."

One reason for the smiles at camp Thursday was that Pro Bowler Duane Brown returned to practice and told us he'll play Sunday night.

First-round draft pick DeAndre Hopkins has earned NFL rookie of the month honors with 20 catches for 270 yards, including an overtime game winner. The best part, he told Gary Kubiak he can improve in every area.

"I can get so much better, you know, just from a knowledge standpoint, scheme-wise knowing what he's doing consistently and us making sure we get him in the right position," said Kubiak. "But he's off to one heck of a start for a young guy and that's what we brought him here for. The thing I'm impressed with is how hard he practices, how hard he works at what he does; really likes to play.">

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