Nighttime uninvited visitors destroy lawns in west Houston


Entire yards have been decimated. Those who live near Hanneck Valley and Sage Mountain say something needs to be done to stop this, particularly before someone gets hurt.

One homeowner says since January his yard has been ripped apart nine times, the latest just a few nights ago. Dena Nunn says her yard is no exception either. She's been hit several times, telling me her husband has even seen the pack of feral hogs doing the damage.

"Fifty to sixty of them, down the street -- big ones, small ones," she said. "Some of these hogs are not babies. They're 2, 3, 400 pounds -- they're huge."

The damage they do is just as huge. This has been going on for months, according to those who live here. It's illegal to hunt the hogs in the middle of the neighborhood. They've tried mothballs and poisons, traps and lights. The hogs seem only to be momentarily distracted. They've repeatedly come back to root. The homeowners called us for help.

Christel Erickson-Collins said, "It's like, what can you do? You kind of have to live with it at a certain point if you can't do anything."

The homeowners' association says it's done what it can to get rid of the hogs, putting up more fences to try and keep them out in the first place, even attempting to trap the hogs here. A spokesperson says "whatever we do here, they keep coming."

"It is getting worse and worse," Nunn said. "Nobody seems to be doing anything about it."

The association says there needs to be a larger effort involving them, the county and other agencies to better manage the hog population in the neighborhood.

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