Getting organized is key for successful school year

Organizing on a budget

August 26, 2013 4:18:23 PM PDT
This time of year, moms really are working on getting their house in working order. So with the help of an expert, we are helping you get back on track with items that are a dollar or less.

The teachers at Benjamin O. Davis High School from Aldine ISD know that in order to be successful, they and their students need to be organized.

"Organization is the first step to being focused and having everything ready," said teacher Kimberly Raney.

When shopping on a budget, you need to utilize dollar and 99 cent stores, and a little creativity. Professional organizer Ellen Delap says containers like plastic cups can be stored inside a caddy to create divisions for pens and other school items. Parents can create command centers to help keep up with clutter of their own, putting items in files labeled, action, pay or file, for example.

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