Super Saves shares stores' shopping secrets


Who has time to find those insider deals? Well don't you worry. With the help of our super saver Paul Ivanosky, we were able to help you find those insider deals that will end up saving you big.

"You have to know your stores, you have to shop there. You are going to find out that every store is going to have something that's a little bit different," Ivanosky said.

Our first stop is Marshalls. You know the red sticker price means clearance, but did you know, it's not the final sale price? A yellow ticket means an even lower price. Take for example these Diane Von Furstenburg heels; it retails for $200, was on clearance for $99 and is now $63 bucks.

But not all clearance prices are a deal. At Marshalls, we found the original price is usually covered up with a sticker. These sandals were originally $24.99, the red clearance price is just 99 cents cheaper.

So to find out if you are getting a bargain at Marshalls, usually they will physically mark the price tag of an item with a marker -- their original price, that way you can tell if that red sticker price is really worth it.

Also at Marshalls, the store marks down their women's clothes twice a week, while shoes get marked down every two to three weeks. The markdowns always happen in the morning. And those lavender tags, that's a clue that those are ultra designer labels.

Over at Ross in southwest Houston, the store marks down their women's clothing on Monday and Tuesday mornings. So for the best selection, shop early in the week.

Over at Sam's Club, they hide their open box items in the back corner of the store. Deals are 20 to 50 percent off the original price.

"You are getting a brand new product, with a brand new warranty and you're basically paying used car prices and driving a new one off the lot," Ivanosky said.

At Walmart, Ivanosky says the store has great deals on bakery goods.

"They have a cart they don't put in the bakery, it's in the back of the store and things are marked at least 50 percent," Ivanosky said.

At Target, if the price on the sticker ends with an "8," it will probably be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, chances are, it's the lowest price you will see. Target also has a markdown schedule that includes sales on children's item on Monday, and women's clothing and home decor on Tuesday.

Over at the grocery stores, it will vary but count on finding great deals in the bakery and in the meat department.

"They are going to mark down those deals 30, 40, 50 percent. And you can get some screaming deals that you'll be able to freeze and make last a long time, " Ivanosky said.

We also stopped at Tuesday Morning. They have their big 80 percent off promo going on now. Big sales like this usually happen twice a year: at the end of the summer and in January.

At Michael's, clearance items are marked with red stickers, but baby blue means an even better deal.

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