'No kids' policy stirs emotions at Atascocita store


The store owner is a grandmother. She says she's not anti-kid, but when it comes to her business, she rarely even lets her own grandchildren inside.

Stay-at-home mom Ashlee says she won't be shopping at Interior Design Warehouse in Atascocita after what happened last week.

"We walked in, we weren't touching anything, and immediately, we were shunned away," she said.

A sign clearly posted on the store's front door say "No children please."

"It's not like I walked in with my baby or toddler running around grabbing stuff. I walked in with my six-year-old who was perfectly polite," she said.

"We didn't touch anything, and we were very nice and she wasn't very friendly," six-year-old Rylie said.

We went to the store to ask owner Karen Tedford about her policy.

"A little boy did a chin up and everything on the table fell off; the mother left, didn't pay for anything that broke. And that was the day the sign went on the door," Tedford said.

According to KTRK legal expert Joel Androphy, Tedford is within her rights. Business owners can discriminate within reason, as long as its justified.

"Not all kids are running through the place terrorizing everything," Ashlee said.

Ashlee says she'll take her business elsewhere.

"There's other stores that have the same things and I'll get better customer service and I'll get treated better," she said.

But that doesn't bother Tedford. She stands her ground, saying for children under 10 years old, she makes no exceptions.

"Because if I do it for her, I have to do it for everyone," Tedford said.

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