Rash of home burglaries in Friendswood


Friendswood police are looking for more people in connection with the rash of burglaries this summer. In an interesting note, it appears at least some of the victims had burglar alarms that didn't go off.

When John's Lowe's Friendswood home was burglarized last month...

"It was really ransacked," he said. "I mean they'd gone through underwear drawers and that kind of thing."

The burglar alarm never went off.

"They just broke the window out," Lowe said. "They didn't open the window because that would have set the alarm off."

The burglars got away with jewelry and a pistol. The burglary at the Lowe home was just one of nine burglaries in Friendswood since July 1 -- all of them in and around the Eagle Lakes subdivision. Police caught suspects in three of the crimes, but think there are more.

"It's gotten people's attention," said Friendswood Police Chief Bob Wieners.

On Tuesday night, police met with neighbors to talk about safety, encouraging them to call police if they see something suspicious, and getting to know their neighbors.

Chief Wieners said, "We'd like them to take some basic security measures, such as home alarms, updating their alarms."

Neighbors were more than willing to talk about the crimes.

"I find it disturbing that there are so many young men who would rather take things out of other people's homes than get a job," said neighbor Buddy Kelly.

Meantime, Lowe had a new alarm system installed.

"It's got glass breakage sensors and motion detectors, so hopefully if they decide to come back, we'll know it," he said.

If you have any information about who is behind the burglaries, Friendswood police would like to hear from you.

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