Camp notes: Watt sports brace; Foster's back hurting


Two of the biggest stars on the team are already battling injuries. JJ Watt is now working out with a brace on the elbow that he injured in camp last year. Watt says it's nothing serious, but plans to wear the brace all season long as a precaution.

And Arian foster was expected to finally suit-up today. He missed the first week of camp with a strained calf.

The team says his calf is OK but now his back is sore.


You heard us all last week talking about how composed this team is, and a lot of the personality comes from their silent leader -- Andre Johnson -- who is still one of the best wide receivers in football.

But as he gets up there in football age, he puts the team first with no ego -- something that everyone feeds off of. Johnson's professionalism and leadership makes his teammates gravitate toward him as they start their second week of training.

"I mean, that's what you want. You've got to have people like that that are so driven," Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. "What he does speaks for itself; how he handles himself and the way he's fought the fight here in Houston to be on a good football team and what he's been through."


There is one name is consistently gets mentioned – DE Andre Hopkins. The rookie out of Clemson has big play potential. He is big, he's fast and he makes big catches.

Hopkins is the perfect complement to Johnson and a great playmaker for QB Matt Schaub, but sometimes rookie wide receivers have a hard time playing a lot.

Kubiak doesn't see it that way. Though. He just wants play makers, and Hopkins is one.

"I don't worry about what year they are. Once we get there, they're all the same to me and they've got a job to do, and he's doing a good job of taking care of his," Kubiak said.

One of the beauties of having a guy like Hopkins is that he will open up the field for Johnson, Owen Daniels and even Foster.


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