ABC13 viewer comes to rescue of man in need of new driveway


When a paving company offered to do Doug Jones' driveway at a deep discount, he thought he was getting a great deal. But what was left behind turned out to be a nightmare for the whole family.

"The rock is showing through up there. It's not level like they told me it was going to be," Jones said.

Jones says his new driveway was bumpy, uneven and unfinished. The project started with great promise after an asphalt crew showed up on his doorstep.

"He said that he had some extra material, that he was working a job," Jones said.

Jones says he paid $1,000 in cash, but the crew never finished his driveway. The owner of the company told us over the phone he would refund the money but was never heard from again.

After our report, Terry Bynum with Able Paving learned about Jones' story and wanted to help.

"At that time, Able chose to donate a driveway to Doug and his children so they would have a safe place to play," Bynum said.

Bynum learned of Jones' disabled son, who's active in Special Olympics, and told us the whole staff at Able Paving was on board with the donation, valued around $6,000.

"More than happy to do this for these guys," Bynum said.

"His crew is doing an amazing job and it means a lot to my family and myself," Jones said.

Jones says once the driveway is finished, the kids plan to put it to good use.

"Him and his sister can both practice basketball and try to get him where he can throw the ball," he said.

It's something Jones says is important for the next Special Olympics.

"Everyone at Channel 13, everybody with Able Paving, they really touched our hearts. It means so much to my family, I can't even express enough gratitude," Jones said.

Bynum says he hears about these asphalt stories all the time and has advice for homeowners. Be sure to check references, check that they're insured. And if they show up on your doorstep with extra material from another job, that's a big red flag and usually too good of a deal to be true.

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