Historic Heights home destroyed in fire


The fire erupted around 2pm at the historic Hawkins House in the 1000 block of Heights Boulevard.

When firefighters arrived, they were met with heavy smoke billowing out of the house and found a fire in the attic and second floor. About 30 minutes into the firefight, HFD crews went into defensive mode, and it would take another half-hour for the blaze to be completely put out.

Authorities say they had such a hard time controlling the flames because of the angle at which they were flaring from the roof. Authorities also believe the fire burned so quickly through the century-old house because of its age and because it's made mainly of tile and stucco.

The house was home for eight families.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire, and the Red Cross is on scene to help displaced residents.

Its cause remains under investigation, but firefighters believe it started in the attic.

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