Cops search for armed robbery suspects on the loose


With the two arrests in Montgomery, police now want to catch up with two other suspects, including one who apparently stopped at a convenience store. They believe they might be connected to an armed robbery ring out of Conroe.

"He came in the Valero asking to use the telephone and told the checker that he needed to call someone," said Montgomery City Administrator Bill Kotlan. "He was on the run from police and he needed to call someone to pick him up."

The armed robbery suspect was captured in a surveillance photo just after midnight Tuesday.

Kotlan said, "One of our police officers was close by, after an emergency signal from the checker."

That suspect is one of two men Montgomery police are hunting down -- even going door to door in the quiet town.

"The police came by and told us to stay inside and so we did," said resident Lonnie Clover.

It all started after Conroe police say two males armed and wearing ski masks held up someone at gunpoint and then took off, driving through nearby Montgomery.

"One of our police officers did a routine traffic stop," Kotlan said.

Montgomery police say after a short chase, a male and female were arrested but two other suspects, including man spotted on surveillance camera, took off. Police found ski masks and other evidence possibly connecting them to other crimes.

Some residents in the area are on edge others say they are confident the remaining suspects will be caught. "They did a great job," Clover said. "They went door to door and were seriously looking."

Conroe police say they're investigating to see if this case has anything do to with additional armed robberies. If anyone has any additional information, you're asked to contact Sgt. Brent Stowe at 936-522-3224.

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