Electrical problem blamed for house fire that killed 3 in Ft. Bend Co.


Scorched furniture, clothes, even toys are all that's of a home where six people lived and three are now dead. Investigators are now finally learning what caused the fire.

"We're at a stopping point. We're looking into some electrical issues at this time. That's all I can say," said Fort Bend Co. Fire Marshal Mark Flathouse. "The house itself was an older house and they had some add-ons done to it."

Those electrical issues may have killed 55-year-old Joyce Carrington, her 80-year-old mother Dorothy, and her mother's sister, 90-year-old Goldie Wells.

After the fire started, Joyce first got three of her nieces and nephews out of the house. They are ages 5, 10 and 17. Then, investigators say, Joyce ran back into the burning building to get her mother and aunt, who were in wheelchairs. All three died inside.

"They were together all the time, the mom and daughter and sister," said relative Norma Griffin. "So how I feel is that God just took them together."

Family friend Alice Autrey said, "Joyce was a beautiful person and that was her mother. She loved her mother."

The family had lived at the home for more than 60 years. What was once a place of laughter and family gatherings is now a memorial site for a daughter and the two women she gave her life trying to save.

Griffin said, "It's something that we're going to have to live with forever."

There's no word at this point exactly where the fire began in the home.

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