Guards exchange gunfire with suspects during robbery attempt in NW Houston


In the 2200 block of Wirt just south of Kempwood at about 3:15pm, two armored vehicle guards exchanged gunfire with two armed robbers. The holdup was unsuccessful and the suspects ran off.

"We heard the gunshots. We were over at the carwash, and then they came here and starting shooting some more," said eyewitness Andre Mora. "When they started shooting toward the carwash, we heard the clinks on the gate, so we ducked down. After we stopped hearing the gunshots, we actually got up. I stood up and I could see them running down that street."

We're told the two suspects carjacked somewhere just around the corner in their effort to get away. That vehicle was quickly ditched, and they got into another vehicle as they fled the scene.

The witness says the suspects were running down the street with their weapons in plain sight.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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