Upholster furniture on a budget


If you work directly with the designers on your projects, you know the up charge can be outragous. But if you find someone off the beaten path to provide the labor, it could save you big.

Whether your wish is French-pleated drapes, a custom window covering or an upholstered headboard, the folks over at Perfect Windows can help create a design for your fabric and execute it.

"If you give us your project, we can work around your budget," owner Peter Wang said.

And the prices can't be beat, according to Wang.

"We are a direct workshop," he said.

The workers here don't work on commission like designers, so Wang says he can pass on the savings on to his customers.

"If you have an old sofa, you want to renwew, put a new fabric on there, we can do that. You have window, you want to do beautiful window covering, we can do that too -- even pillows, bedding," Wang siad.

If you need lined panels, these will cost $35 each to make. Need new fabric on an old cushion? They can make one from scratch. We found a chair that was reupolstered for a hundred dollars.

Our next stop is Vee's Tailors and Alterations near West University. Owner Tam Nguyen says while the staff here mostly works on clothing, she has been getting requests from her customers to create drapes, pillows and even slip cover furniture.

"I can do anything you want. You tell me what style you want and I can do it," she said.

Her latest creation was creating a slip cover for a chair. While the chair is still in great shape, the actual fabric has seen better days. But for $200, Nguyen custom covered the chair and it looks new again.

If you have pillow projects, depending on size and how detailed your creation is, prices start at $35-$50.

Some things to keep in mind, you will have to bring in all your materials and supplies to create any project. That includes trim buttons and hooks.

To save even more money, Nguyen suggests you buy ready-made panels at the store and embelish those to create a custom look without spluring on designer fabrics.

You will also have to bring in your measurements if you are creating window treatments so it's important those are accurate. Check with your tailor to see if they offer these services.

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