Suspected drunk teen driver crashes pickup into northeast Harris County home, resident injured


It happened just after midnight Sunday on Sandydale at Blue Haven.

The victim -- Amanda Logan, 69 -- was due to leave for a trip to Israel with her church group Sunday. Instead, she was at Memorial Hermann Hospital, recovering after surgery on two broken legs.

"Her right leg is broken in four places and her left leg ankle is broke, some ligament damage," her husband, Howard Logan, said.

Howard Logan is cleaning up the mess at their home, left behind by a 16-year-old suspected drunk driver.

"I was here in bed and I hear this loud bang like a bomb," he said. "A big bomb going off."

According to investigators, the teen lost control of her step-father's red pickup truck and crashed through the front of the Logans' home and into the bathroom, where Amanda Logan was brushing her teeth.

The newly-retired Aldine ISD school bus driver was pinned beneath debris for several minutes before emergency crews could rescue her. They had to move the debris out of the bathroom before they could get to her.

"Unfortunately, it's kind of a sickening thought," Howard Logan said.

After hitting the house, deputies say the young driver tried to back out and escape. That's when she hit a van on the roadway and then crashed into a fence and another house. No one was in that home at the time.

But it didn't end there. Authorities say she tried to escape again, but the driver of the van she hit boxed her in. She hit that van a second time, but the driver was able to hold her there until deputies arrived.

"It's really crazy to think kids almost my age are doing these kinds of things," granddaughter Cassandra Logan said. "Scary. Puts a lot of things in perspective for me."

Deputies took the teenager into custody and charged her with intoxication assault. A deputy's report indicates the young driver had "droopy eyelids" and "slurred speech."

As for Amanda Logan, she won't make her church trip, but she can thankfully reschedule.

"The vehicle had to be coming at a high rate of speed to do the damage it did," Howard Logan said. "So I believe we're both fortunate."

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