2013 Nissan Pathfinder drivers reporting problems with vehicle


The complaints are coming in from all over the country and they have similar themes. The vehicle shudders and also loses power. A Pathfinder owner in Hitchcock says she's afraid to drive her new car.

Marlise Holzworth says she was very happy with her 2013 Nissan Pathfinder until she put 900 miles on it. Then the trouble started.

"It started shuttering, for lack of a better word," she said.

Holzworth took us for a test drive in the car, and within a few minutes, the vehicle seemed to lose power.

"My foot was not even moving. It was just on the gas pedal," Holzworth said. "That is part of the shudder."

Holzworth says the shuddering and loss of power has happened when pulling into traffic.

"You try and pull out in traffic, it goes 'guh, guh, guh,' and makes it feel like you're about to stop," she said.

So Holzworth took her car back to the dealership. The mechanics report states the vehicle is hesitant upon acceleration from a stop.

The report states Nissan was contacted and the company is aware of the issue and that drivers will be notified upon a fix for the concern. The report says Nissan stated the vehicle is safe to drive.

Holzworth disagrees.

"This car is not safe for someone like me. It's definitely not safe for someone with children," she said.

It turns out Holzworth is not the only Pathfinder driver reporting the same problem. Nissan's own Pathfinder Facebook page has comments from several drivers who experience shuddering and a loss of power.

On Tuesday, the company told us, "A new part has been developed for 2013 Pathfinders that exhibit symptoms similar to those Ms. Holzworth describes. The necessary part should be available at Nissan dealers in June."

Holzworth's dealership says a fix is in the works and should be ready soon.

Holzworth says she wants Nissan to take the car back she and the company are negotiating the terms of a buy back. But thus far, Holzworth still has the car and says she is afraid to dive it after only 1,600 miles.

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