Firefighters rescue dog from burning home


The damage to the home is extensive. Family members tried to salvage pictures and mementos. They'd lived in the house only about six months.

Moments after seeing lightning and hearing the reverberating clap of thunder, a neighbor grabbed his phone and started recording the flames. He'd already knocked on the doors and yelled for anyone inside to come out. Thankfully no one was home.

Another neighbor called homeowner Julius Deguzman at work and told him to rush home. When he got here fire crews from Richmond, Sugar Land, Stafford and the Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department were trying to get a handle on the flames. Once they did, Deguzman realized the family dog was missing. Fire crews went back inside.

Eric Orem with Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department said, "We looked up underneath the mattress and there it was. We could see it."

Orem is a rookie volunteer firefighter. He says he found Maddy, the four-year-old beagle, panting and scared. He rushed her outside for oxygen. It's his first save ever. He hopes to make many more in his career.

"It feels pretty amazing right now," Orem said. "Really excited for the homeowner that the dog's still alive."

For that, Deguzman is thankful.

"They did a great job," he said. "They did a great job. I'm glad they found her."

He knows this fire could have been much more devastating. What was destroyed are just things. His kids were at school. He and his wife were at work. None of them could be replaced. This can be. Deguzman says he does have insurance.

Maddy the dog was given oxygen at the scene, and was checked out by a veterinarian. She is expected to be OK.

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