Experts explain best options for repairing weather-related damage

March 20, 2013 8:26:41 PM PDT
People across our area and Central Texas are busy assessing and repairing damage from Tuesday night's hail. So what's the best way to deal with this kind of severe weather damage?

There are two types of folks following the overnight hail storms: those who had insurance and those without. The hail storm left a familiar calling card on the ground and caused severe damage to homes.

For residents with insurance, the road to recovery will be a bit earlier. The job now is documenting the damage and calling insurance agents.

"Our phones have been ringing all morning, and according to State Farm records, since 12 o'clock today, we have over 150 homeowner claims that were related to the storm," insurance agent Theo Franklin said.

Franklin says the majority of homeowners insurance policies will cover hail damage to homes. When it comes to hail-damaged cars, that's a different issue.

"If it is your car and maybe a tree fell on it or there is damage, that is going to be covered under your automobile policy," Franklin said.

Franklin says if you are paying a car loan, chances are you have comprehensive coverage and likely covered. If your car is paid off and you only have liability insurance, it's up to the car owner to pay for repairs.

For those without any insurance at all, bad news.

"Larger events where FEMA is involved, there's help. When the governor declares a disaster area there is help. With a smaller event, hail storms -- things of that nature -- if you do not have insurance, you are on your own," Franklin said.

If you can not get in touch with your insurance agent or your insurance company, the Texas Department of Insurance can help you. Also, be careful of contractors you don't know showing up to at disaster sites.

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