Homeowner holds three burglars at gunpoint until police arrive

February 27, 2013 3:10:11 PM PST
A homeowner says he walked into his house and found three intruders helping themselves. That was, until they realized he was armed with a weapon and wasn't afraid to use it.

The armed homeowner pulled his gun on the three intruders Wednesday morning and held them there until police arrived. It made for some incredibly tense moments inside the northwest Houston home off Bent Bough and Long Creek.

It started out as just another day for Randy Magdaleno, dropping off his wife off at work. But then he returned home to trouble.

"I walked in very quietly, and I heard people running around inside my house. So that's when I grabbed my rifle," Magdaleno said.

Three young men were inside his house, the back door was open and glass shattered.

"I saw one guy in the living room and I came around through here. And when I was coming around, I saw somebody moving in the foyer," Magdaleno said. "I pointed the rifle to 'em and I told them to lay on the floor."

While holding all three men at gunpoint, Magdaleno grabbed his cell phone and called his wife at work.

"That's when I went into panic mode at that time," Magdaleno's wife said.

"She was on one phone talking to me, on the other talking to 911. So I know she was scared," he added.

While cops were on the way, the intruders were trying to come up with a story.

"They said that their dog ran into my house and they were in here to get their dog out of here," Magdaleno said.

Officers arrived and took the three suspects into custody and found Magdaleno's laptop inside one of the suspect's backpacks.

"No. No dog," Magdaleno said.

Now his family now breathing a sigh of relief, and counting their blessings.

"I'm just glad he was calm enough and handled it," his wife said.

Police are now investigating whether these three suspects had anything to do with a recent rash of burglaries in the neighborhood.

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