Two teens arrested for allegedly burglarizing Sugar Land Police Chief's home

Conner Hinton, 17, (left) and Taylor Nuttal, 17, are charged with burglary of a habitation.

February 13, 2013 3:40:50 PM PST
Anyone can be a victim of a crime -- anywhere, at any time. Just ask the top cop in Sugar Land.

Two teenagers were arrested after allegedly breaking into a house owned by Sugar Land Police Chief Doug Brinkley.

Conner Hinton, 17, and Taylor Nuttal, 17, are both said to live with their parents in Sugar Land. They were arrested shortly after police responded to a residential alarm in the 2000 block of Holly Glade Lane on February 8 at 11:45am.

It is usually a quiet neighborhood. Break-ins and burglaries are said to be something that happens on other streets in other subdivisions.

Last Friday, Reni Patl's family had got a visit from police.

"They just came and asked if we heard anything, but no because my bedroom is on that side to and we didn't hear anything," Patl said.

The police were asking about a burglary at one of the houses on the block, which is owned by Brinkley.

"My family and I were victims of a crime," Brinkley said. "Someone actually broke into our home."

Crime can happen to anyone -- even the chief of police. In this instance, it turned out well.

Police say a back door was forced open and several boards were missing from a portion of the fence that backs up to a greenbelt. His home has a security alarm, which alerted police and sent the suspects running. A patrol officer wasn't far away.

According to investigators, a neighbor reported seeing two men climb over a fence near her house and provided descriptions to police. A resident in the neighborhood across the greenbelt called police before the burglary to report a suspicious vehicle and two men parked in front of her house.

Police say they located the vehicle shortly after the burglary and detained Hinton and Nuttal. Nothing inside the house was missing.

Hinton and Nuttal each are charged with burglary of a habitation. Hinton is charged with criminal mischief as well.

Brinkley believes his home was picked at random.

Sugar Land recommend the following to prevent break-ins:

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Use a security alarm system even when you are home. Have motion or glass-break sensors installed.
  • Place an alarm sign in the front yard.
  • Place locks on side gates that provide access to backyards. "Beware of Dog" signs don't hurt either.
  • Keep bushes trimmed below windows.
  • Plant sticker bushes under rear windows (holly, roses, etc. are good options).
  • If someone comes to the door, acknowledge their presence. When thieves think homes are empty, they break in. Do not open the door.
  • Call the police immediately about suspicious activity. The non-emergency number for the Sugar Land Police Department is (281) 275-2020. Public safety dispatchers answer this number 24/7.
  • Use your curtains. Don't let thieves "window shop."

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